New meters mean Seattle City Light won’t visit homes anymore

You won’t have Seattle City Light coming to your house to check your meter anymore after its new update; soon, you should be able to check your energy usage online.

Many of Seattle City Light’s current electric meters have been measuring citizens’ energy usage since the 1950s. Beginning July 31, new advanced meters with radio transmitters will replace them, eliminating the need for meter-reading visits from city employees.

Bulletproof Your Emergency Fund



Bulletproof Your Emergency Fund


You can be ready when life throws its little curve balls. Here's how.


The $1,000 emergency fund. This is the easiest of all the Baby Steps. But it can also be the hardest! When approximately three quarters of Americans* are living paycheck to paycheck, there's not a lot of extra money laying around to sock away, especially for those who have debt. Once you work an extra job or sell everything in your house that's not tied down, you need to hold on to that money.

So how do you keep from using your emergency fund money once you set it aside?

Here are three tips:

1. Keep it separate. Consider setting up a separate bank account, and don't touch it!

2. Don't borrow from yourself. Forget that money's in there. Don't fall back into bad spending habits, and don't use it to pay any old debts off.

3. Stay intense. Once the fund is in place, keep going! You've got the ball rolling. Stay fired up.

Now those little costly surprises won't take you down. You'll be ready for them—and for the next Baby Step.

Get more tips and tricks on how to save your $1,000 emergency fund up quickly inside SmartDollar.



*CNN Money 2013. More recent data may alter this assessment.


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